Sterling Silver Jewelry Trends, an Insight

Pure silver is referred to as fine silver that is really soft and may damage easily. Thus, the pure silver is a combination of another metal, namely copper and this is done to create durable and harder silver. Silver product featuring the actual silver product to 92.5 percent and the copper percent to 7.5 percent is real silver. Copper used does not change the silver jewellery color, but certainly improves the hardness of the metal. This is the reason now silver jewellery is highly adored and now as new addition manufacturers are including titanium as an alloy to create a more durable and lightweight jewellery piece.

Sterling silver has a value, but the intricacy and design of each piece affect the price. The goal is to find the best value. Here are that buyers must consider:

Stamps of Quality

Stamps of quality are a must as it offers the evidence of high quality or can be regarded as fineness mark. These stamps of quality appear as sterling or 'ster' or as .925. The jewellery sometimes may be too small to place the mark, yet good genuine shops ensure each piece of silver jewellery is authentic .925 silver.

Rhodium Finished

There is sterling jewellery featuring rhodium finish. Such pieces of jewellery are crafted of .925 sterling silver and offer a finish that is applied carefully over the piece. This finish rhodium adds a luster giving silver the high-quality look same as the platinum and also averts tarnishing completely. However, if the silver jewellery piece has rhodium, it will be specified. Generally, it is noted that the cubic zirconias are the jewellery pieces having rhodium finish and it ensures easier care, eliminating scratches in the sterling silver. The sterling silver jewellery admirers are sure to appreciate at least one jewellery piece with a rhodium finish.

jewellery Care

Storing your silver jewellery is an important task. It can be kept in a separate compartment or in a cloth pouch to be stored in the jewellery box. This helps in protecting the jewellery pieces from scratching.

Caring for jewellery is not only about storing. It is that you must apply perfume or hairspray on your body and then add the jewellery. Do not expose your jewellery to chlorinated water or household chemicals. These chemicals overtime damage the silver and the buildup of tarnish on the sterling silver jewellery should be removed easily using the fine solutions of silver polish. This can be found at hardware or grocery stores and at most jewellery shops. Keep handy cleaning cloth, before wearing something in silver and lightly rub it with the cloth to eliminate tarnish.

Rhodium finished pieces requires wiping with a soft cotton cloth. Silver polishes are not required to clean these pieces. If there are deep scratches consult your jeweler for advice and it may require professional buffing so that the scratches are alleviated.

Make sure that you are following these steps is ordering to keep your silver jewellery wholesale for a longer period of time. This will ensure that your wholesale sterling silver jewellery stays new and shiny.