Silver Jewellery For Every Special Occasion

Silver jewellery is trending and its fashion is soaring with this incredibly Indian yet modern style, and everyone wants a piece of the action! We do know that there are dozens of other jewellery like gold, platinum, diamond, kundan, lacquer, traditional and what not but how silver jewellery fit every occasion is what makes it stand out from all! Silver is the whitest of the precious metals, sterling silver for centuries have been known for its highly lustrous finish and versatile applications. While sterling silver is harder than gold, it is considered one of the more flexible metals, making it a premium material for crafting jewellery. Since ancient times, silver has been understood for its elegant fashion and attractive appearance. Silver jewellery is now the most popular among the modern segment of jewellery across the globe. Silver jewellery is becoming even more popular in comparison to gold jewellery.

One can wear silver in their daily life and raise their fashion game like street style, office chic, bohemian, desi style! It can be worn with any and every look. Whether dressing up a casual outfit or polishing up a special occasion gown, fashion jewellery fits every occasion. Sterling silver jewellery, regardless of your jewellery style and preference can be easily implemented into your lifestyle to be as simple or elaborate as you want it to be. One can gift silver jewellery to your girlfriend or wife on various occasions and they would surely love that. Not only women but men too prefer to wear silver bracelets, chains and rivets to look publicly great and elegant. Silver jewellery can be a fashion statement for all girls and even men. Moreover buying and wearing silver fashion jewellery is a way to stay on-trend with current seasonal styles.

The best part of the sterling silver it can be crafted into a shiny piece or an opaque finish. When combined with precious or semi-precious stones, these items have an eye-catching effect that cannot be achieved by other metals. Sterling silver, which refers to the alloy of silver with other metals, like copper for durability, can be shaped in countless ways to offer a more accessible price than gold but is second to none when it comes to the beauty of the pieces that can be created.

The advantage of buying silver jewellery is that you can stay on-trend with jewellery styles without breaking the bank. With silver jewellery, you have the flexibility to mix and match and buy multiple items to accessorize with.

Here are some trending silver jewellery items:
• Fashion jewellery sets - A decorative sterling silver necklace with a gemstone and matching earrings create a stunning statement.
• Sterling silver fashion earrings - There are so many stylish silver fashion earrings—from hoops to studs to intricate geometric shapes and tassels.
• Sterling silver rings - Both men and women love to wear sterling silver rings. Go with a minimal, classic band or incorporate gemstones for an earthy, boho look.
• Sterling silver fashion necklaces - A classic, understated accessory is a sterling silver chain worn on its own or with a statement pendant.
• Sterling silver bracelets - Gaining popularity now which can be matched with western to Indian outfit.