Growing  Popularity of Silver Jewellery

In the past few decades, silver has grown in popularity and the main reason is in all probability the cost. It is amazing to see all the new creations and designs made of silver, you can find diamond rings and bracelets made of silver that are rhodium plated to give it brilliance. Sterling silver is not the only metal that can be rhodium plated, white gold is often rhodium-plated otherwise it doesn't have the brilliance that yellow gold has. Rhodium is very white. It is reflective and extremely hard and also is virtually tarnish-proof. Unfortunately, the only drawback is that rhodium plated jewellery may need to be re-rhodium plated as it will wear off after a period of time depending on if the article or jewellery is worn daily. It should be noted that gold jewellery also needs to be professionally cleaned on a regular basis. Gold may also need to go through a process known as gold plating since it will also discolour and dull after a period of time.


Available on the market from some of the most reputable jewellery designers are some of the most exquisite jewellery that combines some stunning gems whether they are synthetics or genuine stones such as diamonds, quartz, sapphires to name but a few. In the fashion jewellery industry, the art of jewellery design and creation using silver and sometimes utilizing unusual gemstones is at its best. Leading the way in this trend are the Italian designers. When it comes to design and craftsmanship they are pretty remarkable. They can create pieces that are timeless, ten or twenty years from now your piece of jewellery will still be as amazing Compared to gold jewellery the affordability of silver makes it attractive to the designers which in turn they can bring to the consumer a product that is unique and very appealing in both design and price.

In conclusion, Silver jewellery is becoming the gift to offer anyone because of its fashion style and affordability.